Kingdom Mysteries 3 by Ian clayton




Building on the Kingdom Mysteries 2 Conference, this conference delves deeper into the governmental realms of our Father’s Kingdom and our responsibilities as mature sons of God to administer Heaven into the Kingdom of the Earth.
Please note : Due to technical difficulties during recording there are audio skips at times, where words get cut off. Some are obvious andĀ othersĀ not so much. We have decided to release this conference set, as we feel that the audio skips do not detract from the messages as a whole and that the content is extremely good and needs to be heard.

Includes the following sessions:

  • Kingdom Realms
  • Walking in the Light
  • Gateways of the Menorah
  • Dividing Soul and Spirit
  • Iniquity Transgression and Sin
  • The Courts of Heaven
  • The Angelic Realm

This conference set also includes the following PDF document

  • Menorah Charts


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